AGCO Corporation of Beloit, KS, shut down last Thursday after a fire broke out in the painting area of the facility shortly before 9 a.m.

AGCO manufactures, distributes and sells full range of agricultural equipment and related replacement parts.

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No one suffered an injury in the blaze but an investigation into what caused the fire is underway by AGCO. The plant will remain closed and employees will not be back at work until it is safe.

The Beloit Fire Department received the call shortly before 9 a.m. to a fire at 3154 Hallie Trail. The department responded and put the fire out located around a painting booth, said Beloit Assistant Fire Chief Dale Lewis. Firefighters remained on the scene for around an hour to make sure it was out.

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“The dust can travel and fibers can light up again,” Lewis said. “We used a lot of water and dry chemical fire extinguishers were used before we arrived so there will be a lot to cleanup.”

The fire occurred in a shot blaster in the painting area of the facility, said Ron Harris, AGCO Corporation, Beloit site vice president. The fire apparently started in a dust collector causing a fire in one of the filters.

“First off, we need to make sure it is all about safety first,” Harris said. “Employees were trained to do what they needed to do and they did well. They evacuated the facility and the authorities were called immediately.”

“It is all about safety,” Harris said. “It was really good to see that part of the process working. The plant was shut down so we can determine what caused the fire. There is a lot of clean-up to do and we are looking at employees being able to return to work on Monday morning.”

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