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Diamond-Vogel Paint Company in Burlington, Iowa, is facing penalties for the storage and handling of hazardous waste, federal officials said.

In a settlement filed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Lenexa, KN, the company will pay a $21,700 civil penalty.

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EPA representatives inspected the facility in March 2012 and determined the company failed to perform waste determinations on 9,625 gallons of waste paint materials.

Additionally, the company failed to keep all hazardous waste storage containers closed, and properly label all hazardous waste containers, the EPA said. The company also failed to conduct weekly inspections of the facility’s hazardous waste storage area, and identify secondary and/or alternate emergency coordinators in their contingency plan.

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Mismanagement of hazardous waste has the potential to harm human health by unnecessarily exposing workers to harmful materials and to harm the environment through possible improper disposal of hazardous materials. In neglecting to conduct weekly inspections of its hazardous waste storage areas, Diamond-Vogel failed to ensure proper management of its hazardous waste, and that there were no releases exposing workers and the environment to toxic chemicals, EPA officials said.

In the event of an emergency, it is critical first responders have access to multiple contacts within the company in case it is not possible to reach the primary contact. This is to ensure first responders are able to respond with the necessary safety precautions to protect the community.

In addition to the penalty, Diamond-Vogel is must provide photographic evidence that storage containers remain closed, and that hazardous waste containers have proper labels. The company must also submit an updated contingency plan. Lastly, Diamond-Vogel must provide EPA, for a period of three months, documentation demonstrating it properly performed weekly inspections of the hazardous waste storage area.

By agreeing to the settlement, Diamond-Vogel Paint Company certified that it is now in compliance with all requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and its implementing regulations.

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