With a vast amount of Baby Boomers getting ready to leave the industry plus a shortage of qualified workers in the marketplace, training is becoming an even more important component for operators moving forward.

Those are just some of the reasons why Houston-based PAS is launching its new training division called PAS University.

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PAS University provides industrial education covering a wide range of topics to better equip personnel with training to optimize plant operations.

“With over 20,000 users in nearly 60 countries, we are now able to provide our customers access to comprehensive and flexible training programs,” said Bijan Habibi, co-founder and executive vice president at PAS.

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PAS University offers training solution courses in alarm management, control loop optimization, high performance HMI, cyber security and change management. Each training course includes introductory concepts to advanced best practices and analyses to improve plant performance. PAS University also incorporates product training to ensure customers to realize the full potential from PAS products.

For convenience, several training delivery options are available such as training sessions at a customer’s site, PAS offices, live streaming, and a video library are provided.

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