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PAS Inc. released its ICS cyber security software, Cyber Integrity 5.0.

With enhanced support for workflows and security policies, the software now automates a closed-loop patch management process and provides enhanced dashboard capabilities.

Cyber Integrity helps companies mitigate operational risk from malicious attacks or inadvertent control system changes through automated inventory management, patch management, change management, and backup and recovery.

PAS Cyber Integrity hardens security for the most vulnerable assets in a plant – the industrial control systems. At the same time, it automates internal and regulatory compliance reporting while reducing associated efforts by up to 90 percent. Cyber Integrity works across the heterogeneous control environment found in plants providing enterprise scalability and performance.

Cyber Security

Cyber Integrity enables industrial companies to:
• Gather and maintain an accurate inventory of IT and OT cyber assets
• Automate patch processes throughout the enterprise,
• Monitor for unauthorized change to cyber asset configurations,
• Implement a program for system backup and recovery

PAS built Cyber Integrity upon its Integrity platform, which manages configurations for over 21,000 automation assets for more than 520 customers throughout the world. The latest release of Cyber Integrity also includes an entirely new dashboard that makes it easier for end users to process actionable information, as well as for management to quickly understand the state of ICS cyber security.

“The great contradiction within ICS cyber security is that the assets most valuable to plant operations and safety are often the most vulnerable,” said David Zahn, general manager of the Cybersecurity Business Unit at PAS. “Inventory management and change management are essential components of a cyber security strategy that address this contradiction. By offering patch management within Cyber Integrity, we now provide cyber security and operations professionals the ability to identify, address, and audit a process that had traditionally fallen short.”

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