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PAS Global released its PAS Cyber Integrity 6.0, which includes continuous vulnerability management providing visibility into risk within industrial process control networks.

With traditional IT vulnerability management, Cyber Integrity also addresses proprietary industrial control systems that comprise 80 percent of a facility environment.

The mission behind Cyber Integrity is to work across the multi-vendor automation environment, providing foundational ICS cybersecurity, enterprise scalability, performance, and platform independence. It also automates internal and regulatory compliance reporting while reducing associated efforts by up to 90 percent.

Cyber Integrity enables industrial companies to:
• Gather and maintain a complete, accurate inventory of traditional IT and proprietary operational technology cyber assets 
• Baseline and monitor for unauthorized change to cyber asset configurations
• Automate a continuous vulnerability and patch management process across the enterprise
• Implement a program for system backup and recovery

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Cyber Integrity is built upon the PAS Integrity platform, which manages automation system configurations.

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