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A patch is in development for a severe vulnerability that could affect almost every version of Windows and Samba, researchers said.

Samba is an open-source interoperability software suite that provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. In addition to Windows, Samba also runs on UNIX, Linux, IBM System 390, OpenVMS and other operating systems.

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Stefan Metzmacher, an employee of SerNet and member of the Samba Core Team, reported discovering a critical vulnerability called “Badlock.”

Details of the issue will end up disclosed April 12 when Microsoft and Samba developers release patches. April 12 is the next Patch Tuesday.

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SerNet, which created a website and even a logo for Badlock, said the hole will most likely end up exploited once its details become public.

“The coordinated efforts are meant to ensure a reasonable time to get the maximum number of systems repaired in short time,” the company said in a post.

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