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Phishing defense provider, PhishMe, boosted its phishing threat management and incident response platform by releasing PhishMe Triage.

Enhancements include further integrations with third parties including PhishMe Intelligence and improved collaboration with a crowdsourced YARA Rule Exchange and PhishMe Community to help save analyst time and improve response efficiency.

“Even with all the processes and technology in place within organizations, phishing attacks containing ransomware and other malware continue to penetrate defenses. Over 91 percent of all network attacks begin with a successful phishing attempt, meaning organizations need an efficient and effective phishing incident response plan,” said Aaron Higbee, CTO and Co-Founder of PhishMe. “PhishMe Triage allows organizations to quickly identify and remediate attacks in progress and reduce phishing threat analysis from hours to minutes. Triage frees up the manual resources previously needed to process the thousands of emails reported by employees, so time and effort is focused on the actual threats that can cause damage.”

In order to optimize phishing incident response, PhishMe Triage integrates with a host of security technologies, such as sandboxes, SIEMs, URL analysis solutions, and more.

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