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With general aging and lack of maintenance, pipelines breaking appear to have become a bigger problem over the past few years. Whether there were deaths or injuries, the monetary costs and the potential environmental or personal damages that occur seem to be at a heightened interest.

The following is a list of pipeline accidents in the United States since 2013.

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While the list, gleaned from reports found on an Internet search, may be incomplete, it does give an indication of the amount of incidents that are occurring.

• 2013 On January 15, a utility crew struck and ruptured a 4 inch gas pipeline in Lewisville, Texas, causing a nearby home to explode later on. The explosion killed a man.

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• 2013 An independent contractor installing fiber-optic cable for a cable company in Kansas City, Missouri inadvertently struck an underground gas line on February 19. Gas later caught fire, and created an explosion that destroyed a popular local restaurant, killing one of the workers there, and injuring about 15 others near the scene.

• 2013 A tug towing a barge struck and ruptured a Chevron LPG pipeline near Bayou Perot, Louisianan on March 12. The tug Captain was severely burned when the escaping gas ignited, and died several weeks later from those injuries.

• 2013 On March 18, a Chevron 8 inch petroleum products pipeline ruptured along a seam, spilling diesel fuel into Willard Bay State Park near Ogden, Utah. Wildlife was coated with diesel, but, the fuel was prevented from entering into water supply intakes. About 25,000 gallons of diesel spilled.

• 2013 A Williams Companies 24 inch gas gathering pipeline failed in Marshall County, West Virginia on March 22. There were no injuries.

• 2013 Mayflower oil spill occurred when ExxonMobil’s 20 inch Pegasus crude oil pipeline spilled near Mayflower, Arkansas on March 29, causing crude to flow through yards and gutters, and towards Lake Conway. Wildlife was coated in some places. Twenty-two homes were evacuated, due to the fumes and fire hazard. Some estimates say the total amount spilled could reach upwards of 300,000 gallons diluted bitumen were spilled. Hook cracks and extremely low impact toughness in the LF-ERW seam were identified as causes of the failure.

• 2013 On April 4, an explosion and fire occurred at a gas compressor station near Guthrie, Oklahoma. Nearby homes were evacuated. There were no injuries reported.

• 2013 A flash fire at a pipeline gas compressor station broke out when natural gas liquids ignited in Tyler County, West Virginia on April 11, seriously burning 3 workers, two of whom later died. The workers were performing pipeline pigging operations.

• 2013 On April 30, the Pegasus oil pipeline spilled a small amount of crude into a residential yard in Ripley County, Missouri, a month after the same pipe spewed thousands of barrels of crude in Arkansas. The Pegasus pipeline was out of service from the Mayflower, Arkansas spill, accounting for the minimal amount of oil spilled in Missouri.

• 2013 On May 9, diesel fuel was leaking from a Marathon pipeline in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over 20,000 gallons of diesel leaked, at a slow rate that was not detected by SCADA systems. Cleanup cause a nearby major road to be shut down for 5 days. There were no injuries reported.

• 2013 Late night on May 14, an explosion & fire hit a Williams Companies gas compressor station near Brooklyn Township, Pennsylvania. There were no reported injuries.

• 2013 On May 30, 2 construction workers were injured, when a fire erupted during welding at a Williams Companies natural gas facility in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

• 2013 A 12 inch gas transmission pipeline failed near Torrington, Wyoming on June 13. LF-ERW seam failure was suspected as cause. There was no fire or injuries.

• 2013 A 30 inch Florida Gas Transmission Company natural gas pipeline exploded and burned on June 18 near Franklinton, Louisiana. Power lines were damaged, causing a loss of electricity to 17,000 people, and a trailer was destroyed. There were no injuries reported.

• 2013 On July 4, a fire involved a gas compressor and a nearby ruptured 2 inch gas pipeline in Gilmore Township, Pennsylvania. There were no injuries.

• 2013 An 8 inch natural gas pipeline released gas from a rupture at 1,400 psi, for 90 minutes in New Franklin, Ohio on July 22, forcing 75 people to evacuate the area. Afterward, the local Fire Chief said pipeline owners refused to give information to first responders in previous requests.

• 2013 Early on July 23, a downed 13,000 volt power line sparked a massive gas fire in Mamaroneck, New York when a gas main was damaged by the electricity. 3 automobiles were destroyed, and homes were threatened for a time.

• 2013 On July 26, a leaking BP 20 inch crude oil pipeline spilled 50 to 100 barrels of crude oil in Washington County, Oklahoma. Some of the crude spilled into a drainage ditch leading to a water reservoir.

• 2013 On the evening of August 12, a 10 inch NGL pipeline exploded & caused a massive propane-ethane mix fire in Erie, Illinois. A number of nearby residents were evacuated for a while, but, there were no injuries.

• 2013 A leak developed on a valve on Longhorn Pipeline in Austin, Texas during maintenance on August 14, spilling about 300 gallons of crude oil. There were no evacuations.

• 2013 Atmos Energy crews dug into a 4 inch gas pipeline in Overland Park, Kansas on September 2, causing an explosion and fire. There was no major damage or injuries.

• 2013 A 10 inch gas gathering pipeline ruptured & burned in Newton County, Texas on September 21. About a dozen people from nearby homes were evacuated for a time. There were no injuries.

• 2013 On September 24, a Denton TX city water utility worker ruptured a 1/2 inch gas pipeline in Denton, Texas, which immediately caused a fire that gave the worker minor burns. There was no other significant damage.

• 2013 A farmer near Tioga, North Dakota smelled oil for several days before discovering a leaking 6 inch 20 year old Tesoro pipeline under his wheat field on September 29. Crews tried to burn off the oil at first. The spill size was estimated at 865,000 gallons, and covered over 7 acres. There were no injuries. Corrosion was suspected as being the cause. Governor Jack Dalrymple said he wasn’t told of the spill until October 9. It was estimated that it will take 2 to 3 years to clean up all the crude spilled.

• 2013 On October 7, a gas pipeline burst in Howard County, Texas. There was no fire, but, dangerous hydrogen sulfide in the gas forced evacuations of nearby residents. There were no injuries.

• 2013 On October 7, authorities were notified of a Lion Oil Trading and Transportation crude oil pipeline leak in Columbia County, Arkansas. It was estimated the leak started on September 21. Oil spread into a Horsehead Creek tributary.

• 2013 A 30 inch Northern Natural Gas pipeline exploded and burned in Harper County, Oklahoma on October 8. 220 feet of the pipe was ejected from the ground. Flames were seen for a number of miles, and 4 homes nearby were evacuated. Oklahoma Highway 283 was closed for several hours until the fire was determined to be under control and safe. There were no injuries.

• 2013 On October 29, a {Koch Industries 8 inch pipeline spill about 400 barrels of crude oil near Smithville, Texas. The oil polluted a private stock pond and two overflow reservoirs.

• 2013 A Chevron operated LPG pipeline was ruptured near Milford, Texas on November 14, causing a large fire, and forcing the evacuation of Milford and 200 students of a nearby school. A nearby 14 inch pipeline was threatened by the failure. There were no injuries reported.

• 2013 An ExxonMobil gas plant exploded and burned on November 17, near Kingsville, Texas. The plant burned for over a day, but there were no reported injuries.

• 2013 On November 18, a gas pipeline burst near Ranger, Texas, causing a fire in a field, with flames reaching 100 feet high. Some homes nearby were evacuated for a time. The owner of the pipeline, Hanlon Gas, had been installing a new compressor station, and they believe a malfunction led to the rupture and fire. There were no injuries reported.

• 2013 On November 28 a 30 inch Panhandle Eastern natural gas pipeline exploded in Houstonia, MO, causing several nearby buildings to catch fire. There was a local evacuation but no injuries. Accident was similar to Panhandle Eastern explosion on August 29, 2008.

• 2013 On December 9, a 2 inch pipe on a propane dehydrator failed at the Dixie Pipeline Terminal in Apex, North Carolina, forcing evacuations & sheltering in place at nearby businesses. There was no fire or explosion.

• 2013 Two natural gas company workers had minor burns when the pipeline they were working leaked, and the escaping gas exploded and ignited in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts on December 27. Flames reached 30 feet high, and knocked out phone service in the area.

• 2014 A 12 inch PSNC gas transmission pipeline exploded and burned in Asheville, North Carolina on January 10. The cause was that the pipeline was damaged during installation in 2003. There were no injuries, but the costs of property damage was around $825,000.

• 2014 On February 10, a gas pipeline exploded and burned near Tioga, North Dakota. There were no injuries.

• 2014 A 30 inch Columbia Gulf Transmission gas pipeline carrying natural gas exploded near Knifley, Kentucky on February 13, sending two people to the hospital with injuries, destroying two homes, and alarming residents, who saw flames from miles away.

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