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A pipeline carrying gasoline that ruptured and leaked 42,000 gallons of petrol in Jackson, WI, is now back up and running while investigators are still looking into the mishap.

The West Shore Pipeline Company said 42,000 gallons of gasoline leaked in the town of Jackson last Tuesday. The company said once they detected the problem, they shut the line down within three minutes.

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A federal agency is investigating the cause of the rupture. West Shore says it’s making repairs, and the goal was to get the line back up in a matter of days after federal inspections and approvals.

The pipeline sends about 3 million gallons of gasoline each day from Chicago to Green Bay.

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Klemm Tank Lines of Green Bay sent trucks to Milwaukee and Madison Thursday to bring back fuel for the gas stations it supplies.

U.S. Oil of Appleton said it’s been getting products from its other locations in Wisconsin and “other alternative sources.” They said the impact to its customers should be minimal.

The state DNR said it is in the early stages of getting information on the leak. They checked four nearby water wells at the site of the leak and they found no contamination.

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