There was a pipeline spill in Geneva Township, MI, Friday that leaked 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel, officials said.

South Haven Area Emergency Services responded to the pipeline spill just after 1 p.m. after the Wolverine Pipe Line Company said an excavator ruptured a pipeline, spilling the diesel fuel.

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Wolverine Pipe Line Company, who owns the line, said a private farmer was clearing trees on his land around noon, when an excavator on his tractor hit the pipe.

Wolverine owns the 8-inch pipeline and it runs through the farmer’s land in the course of a route from Niles to Grand Haven, supplying diesel fuel for trucks.

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Company officials shut off the pipeline.

The spill is reportedly near the middle of the farm field, and Wolverine said there is no water in the vicinity that could suffer from the leak.

Wolverine Pipe Line Company, of Portage, MI, is on the scene repairing the ruptured pipe. Wolverine also contacted all relevant authorities in relation to the incident.

After workers fix the pipeline the company will start cleaning up the area.

There was no fire, and there were no problems reported involving either humans or animals.

People are asked to avoid the area, however, as the leaked fuel is flammable.

Wolverine issued a statement, saying in part:

“Wolverine’s first concern is for the safety of the community, the environment and our employees. Wolverine is cooperating and coordinating with local and state authorities in our response to minimize any impacts the incident may have on our neighbors, environment and surrounding community. Wolverine has made all the required notifications of the incident.”

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