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A pipeline leak caused a 500-barrel brine spill 12 miles southwest of Stanley, ND, on Saturday.

BNN North Dakota LLC reported the pipeline leak to the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division. The Oil and Gas Division said it happened at the Whiting Oil tank battery.

Brine Spill Recovered at ND Well Site
Tank Leak Leads to Brine, Oil Spill in ND
Oil Spills at ND Well Site
Safety Alliance Inked for ND Oil Industry

At the time of the report 450 barrels of brine were recovered. Product was contained on-site, and cleanup is underway.

Leaking pipelines are on an ongoing issue as the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) learned of a condensate spill resulting from an above-ground pipeline leak in Dunn County, ND, in late March. The pipeline is owned and operated by Oneok Partners.

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The incident occurred about 20 miles northwest of Killdeer on March 21, and it was reported the same day.

Condensates also known as natural gas liquids are liquid hydrocarbons separated during natural gas and crude oil production.

Initial estimates indicate approximately 1 barrel of condensate sprayed from a flange gasket and impacted the Little Missouri River.

Booms have been placed to contain the condensate for remediation.

The area of impact is approximately 24 miles from the confluence with the Missouri River.

Personnel from the NDDoH have inspected the site and will continue to monitor the investigation and remediation.

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