Enbridge Inc. gained Michigan state approval for two oil pipeline projects, one of which replaces part of the line that ruptured in southwestern Michigan in 2010.

The Michigan Public Service Commission said both projects were in the public interest. One would replace a 50-mile segment between Ingham and Oakland counties.

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That’s part of the line that leaked more than 800,000 gallons into the Kalamazoo River and a tributary creek nearly two years ago.

Enbridge said it was replacing the entire 286-mile line, which runs from Griffith, IN, to Sarnia, Ontario. The commission has scheduled a hearing next month on a proposal to replace a 160-mile segment in Michigan.

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Meanwhile, a leak on a natural gas pipeline in Mount Vernon, NY, disrupted supplies to several utilities in the New York City area, according to utility company websites.

New York power and gas company Consolidated Edison Inc. said it is looking for the source of the leak, which is on a line in Mount Vernon. Con Ed added customers did not suffer from the affect of the leak. Mount Vernon is in Westchester County, north of New York City.

Con Edison operates the power and gas system in New York City and Westchester County.

National Grid Plc, which operates the natural gas system on Long Island, said in a web posting that Con Edison’s Hunts Point compressor station in the Bronx would shut due to the leak.

In addition, Orange and Rockland said it was asking marketers to move natural gas deliveries on the Tennessee pipeline — which runs from the Texas Gulf coast to New England — to the Columbia or Algonquin pipelines, effective immediately.

Con Edison unit Orange and Rockland operates in Orange and Rockland counties on the west side of the Hudson River across from Westchester.

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