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Cloud and data center security provider, GuardiCore released its Centra Security Platform to simplify micro-segmentation deployments.

GuardiCore Centra enables users to move from zero micro-segmentation to native policy enforcement in three steps. 

“Micro-segmentation is gaining traction to create software-defined security zones in clouds and data centers to isolate assets from one another and reduce risk. However, the path to meaningful micro-segmentation can be full of challenges, due to incomplete visibility into east-west traffic flows, inflexible policy engines and lack of multi-cloud support,” said Pavel Gurvich, chief executive and co-founder of GuardiCore.

The GuardiCore approach to micro-segmentation is based on three steps, Reveal, Build and Enforce, providing users with the fastest way to implement micro-segmentation policy to secure their critical assets.

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• Reveal: GuardiCore Centra features visibility that automatically discovers and visualizes all applications and workloads, down to the process level. This visualization, coupled with advanced filtering and grouping capabilities, allows administrators to quickly discover applications and define assets that can share policies.
• Build: Micro-segmentation policy management is easier with a Flexible Policy Engine that allows users to simultaneously design best practice and compliance rules for large segments and establish more granular rules for micro-segments.
• Enforce: GuardiCore adds native enforcement for micro-segmentation policy by breaking it down and distributing to the workloads while enforcing on them. GuardiCore Centra’s native enforcement includes the application layer (L7) which means traffic is allowed or blocked not only by its source and destination servers or ports but also by its source and destination processes on Windows and Linux.

The GuardiCore Centra Security Platform provides a single, scalable platform that covers five critical capabilities for effective security in clouds and data centers: flow visualization, micro-segmentation, breach detection, automated analysis and response.

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