An unexpected increase in well pressure caused a tank to overflow and release 1,100 barrels of liquids at an oil and gas well about 4 miles southwest of Alexander, ND, the Department of Mineral Resources said Wednesday.

An estimated 650 barrels of oil, or 27,300 gallons, and an estimated 450 barrels of brine, or 18,900 gallons, spilled Monday and ended up contained and recovered at a well owned by Oasis Petroleum North America.

ND Pipeline Spills Crude
Oil at Flooded ND Well Appears Contained
Radioactive Socks Stored in ND Building
Radioactive Sock Waste Found in ND

Houston-based Oasis Petroleum Inc. operates the well located about 4 miles southwest of Alexander. The company on Tuesday reported to the state the fluids had been contained.

A state inspector went out to the site to investigate.

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Meanwhile, late last month a failed gasket above ground resulted in cleanup workers containing about 34,000 gallons of leaking crude from a broken oil pipeline in northwestern North Dakota, a state officials said

The pipeline breach occurred Thursday morning on Hiland Crude LLC’s pipeline about 6 miles northeast of Alexander, said North Dakota Water Quality Director Dennis Fewless. A gasket on the above-ground pipeline appears to have failed near a compressor station, spewing about 800 barrels of crude, Fewless said. A barrel holds 42 gallons.

About half the oil migrated off the site but has been contained and no water sources are in danger, Fewless said. Hiland gave a lower estimate than state inspectors did for how much oil escaped the site, saying in a statement that “approximately 100 barrels of crude left the location, with an undetermined amount contained on location.”

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