By Gregory Hale
Safety risk remains a top priority for all companies in the process industries, but knowing if and when an incident may occur is not so cut and dried.

Along those lines, PAS Inc. launched a tool Wednesday that can not only provide visibility into what is going on, it can also offer real-time predictive analytics on the health and availability of the safety instrumented systems (SIS), alarm management systems, and other Independent Protection Layers (IPL).

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PAS IPL Assurance can also cut down on compliance costs by automatically reporting on the SIS performance during a demand on the safety system.

“The current state of IPL management is hodge podge. It can take a team all day to create a report,” said Mark Carrigan, senior vice president of global operations at PAS. “It makes it harder to make decisions on how safe we are today.”

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PAS is a safety, cybersecurity, and asset reliability provider for the energy, power, and process industries.

PAS IPL Assurance provides information on SIS, alarm systems, control loops, and operational boundaries to streamline compliance activities and expose operational risk. This way, operators can mitigate issues before they start to escalate and affect plant safety, reliability, and ultimately profitability.

“We save a lot of cost by improving accuracy of measurements,” Carrigan said.

IPL Assurance provides the following:
• Safety instrumented function (SIF) performance management
• Testing and maintenance management
• Demand on safety system rate tracking
• Status of safety related alarms
• Safety system bypass management
• Safety and operational risk dashboard

IPL Assurance is a module add on to PAS Plant Suite so data is already cascading into the system.

“Once you have data, there is a lot of cool things you can do with it,” Carrigan said. “We have the data already, by adding some different analytics to it, you can pull up new information.”

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