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By Gregory Hale
Brazilian petrochemical maker, Braskem, knows process safety is not just for people working a product line on the plant floor, it is for the entire operation from the executive suite to everyone else.

That is why the company knew it had to introduce and incorporate process safety throughout the entire value chain. “We have a process safety management system at Braskem focused on a commitment to process safety, understanding the hazard risk, manage risk and learn from experience,” said Lueci Vale, senior process safety engineer at Braskem during the AIChE Spring Meeting in Houston Monday.

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“Everyone involved in process safety has the same objectives. A company does not improve without strong leadership and a strong commitment,” Vale said.

As a part of having the same objectives everyone at the company needs to be on the same page when it comes to safety.

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“Our goal is to make sure people give the same speech about the same issue,” said Pablo Barrera, process safety specialist at Braskem. That means it all comes down to regular meetings and constant communication.

One way to help that case was to create the function of Leader Management and Analysis of Risks and Impacts (LAGRI). A LAGRI is a safety leader located in each plant. They are from operation, maintenance, logistics, engineering and safety. The goal is to ensure that risk management is widespread throughout the production chain.

Part of what the LAGRI does is set the tone for communication about safety issues.

“Meetings are used to exchange personal experiences, to establish common targets and discuss specifics on process safety rules,” Barrera said. “Doing this promotes the process safety culture.”

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