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AmeriGas suffered a 17,000-gallon propane tank leak last week, which led to the evacuation of 140 residents in Wilton, NY.

The cause remains unknown, but the Wilton-based company will send in a team this week to disassemble the piping and find the source.

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Propane in the tank is in ice-cold liquid form but turns to flammable vapor when it comes in contact with air. Evacuations covered a one-half-mile radius, forcing nearby roads to close.

It took nearly five hours for Wilton Fire Department and other responders to complete the clean-up — pumping liquid propane into other tanks before the controlled burn of vapors.

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Wilton Fire Chief Bill Morgan said the leak was not totally unexpected — the tanks have been in place since the 1980s.

Residents with landlines received 911 notice of the evacuation, and Saratoga County sheriff’s deputies and state police went door to door.

Other mitigation activities included a Saratoga County Mobile Command Center and an emergency shelter at the Wilton fire station on Ballard Road.

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