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After a pump failure at the Town of Maysville NC’s wastewater treatment plant, 15,000 gallons of partially treated sewage spilled into the White Oak River, over the weekend.

The town is working with the state to address operational issues at the plant and everything appears corrected, said Interim Town Manager Dave Harvell.

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“It was stopped after running about 40 minutes on Saturday,” Harvell said.

There was a failure of one of the pumps that transfers wastewater from an influent wet well near the beginning of the plant into the plant itself, state officials said.

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The failure caused sewage to back up in the system. When a town employee apparently turned the pump back on to relieve the situation, it caused a large amount of sewage to enter the plant and temporarily overwhelmed the system, according to N.C. Division of Water Resources Public Information Officer Susan Massengale.

The result was the discharge of approximately 15,000 gallons of partially treated sewage into the White Oak River.

State officials were on site Monday and took water sample at the plant as well as downstream and upstream of the spill. The results of the sampling should be ready by the end of the week.

There were no visible impacts, such as a fish kill, from the discharge reported.

As a precautionary measure, officials said area residents should not to use the White Oak River waterway from the Maysville Lakes south to the Jones/Carteret county line for activities such as swimming and fishing until the town receives a clear sample of water from the state, according to information from Jones county Emergency Management. Drinking water is not an issue in this case.

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