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Firefighters prevented a fuel tank fire in Weber County, UT, from exploding into a bigger disaster.

About 6:30 a.m. Saturday, a 1,200-gallon tank accidentally caught fire while it was at a pump station in unincorporated Weber County, near the Great Salt Lake. While the one tank was on fire, the blaze also threatened three other tanks, all containing more than 1,000 gallons, said Weber County Fire Marshal Brandon Thueson.

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“It was kind of spooky there for a little while, until we got our hose streams in place and were able to get enough water on those tanks to keep them cool,” Thueson said.

While the pump station evacuated, about 30 firefighters from Ogden and Little Mountain, a nearby U.S. Air Force installation, contained the fire to the original fuel tank and were eventually able to put it out.

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Firefighters stayed on site for about two hours, until the fuel inside the tank had cooled down, the fire marshal said.

Officials will continue their investigation into the cause of the fire.

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