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Security provider, Radiflow, and edge protection provider, Asset Guardian, launched a joint solution to expand industrial asset monitoring, change management and risk assessment capabilities for industrial enterprises.

Asset Guardian’s change management solution manages software and hardware configurations of industrial automation and controls systems. The Asset Guardian technology manages PLC, DCS and HMI/SCADA software assets and provides a single point of reference for current asset information, including operational status, location and controller logic versions.

Radiflow’s iSID industrial threat detection system provides real-time visibility of networked industrial assets, ports and protocols on an OT network. By passively analyzing all data traffic, iSID can detect in real-time and counteract abnormal network activity, such as abnormal network access or asset changes and changes in the sequence of SCADA processes.

In this new integrated solution, iSID’s asset inventory now incorporates the asset information stored in the Asset Guardian database, including the detailed asset information that is not available from traffic monitoring.

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With this new detailed asset information from Asset Guardian, such as logic version, ownership, and geo-location, the result is a far more granular risk score calculated by iSID for each asset.

Changes to assets, such as new firmware or PLC logic, are detected on the network in real-time by iSID and sent to Asset Guardian for verification, authorization and validation against the ‘golden image’ of the binary stored in the Asset Guardian database.

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