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Datapaq introduced the RF Radio Telemetry system TM21 to complement the TPAQ21 and MultiPaq21 datalogger products.
The TM21 system utilizes the latest radio frequency technology to allow temperature data transmission from the datalogger in real time. As the Datapaq system travels through the process (oven, furnace or kiln), you can view, analyze and report temperature data instantaneously. The technology works in numerous applications and industries, including batch oven cooking in the food processing industry, vacuum furnace surveying in the aerospace industry and 3-day kiln firing processes in the ceramic industry.
New features include: Multiple logger operation; auto frequency set-up; intelligent SW diagnostics; improved logger performance, and modular configuration.
Before the Datapaq datalogger has even left the furnace, oven or kiln, you will have the information necessary in real time to make any adjustments needed in the process to insure product quality and reduce scrap. For batch processes, that information may permit significant reduction in cycle times, increasing productivity and reducing energy costs. In optimization or validation studies, the ability to see the effect of process parameters on the temperature profile can significantly help reduce process set-up times and allow quicker production start up.
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