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Ransomware has become a very lucrative attack against Windows users; so much so researchers said cyber criminals can make over $5 million each year.

Plus with Windows 8 just launched, attackers continue to jump on the launch and see how they can latch on to the new operating system. So far, there has been some success, said researchers at security provider Symantec.

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Ransomware samples underwent some testing to see how well they work on Windows 8, Symantec researchers said. Some of the threats haven’t manage to lock up the infected computers and hold them for ransom, but one piece of malware called Trojan.Ransomlock.U has no problem doing its duty.

Trojan.Ransomlock.U displays the ransom message based on the victim’s location and researchers said this feature works without any problems on Windows 8.

Cyber Security

Users should remain careful what sites they visit and what links they click on even if they’re utilizing Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Not too long ago Bitdefender released the results of a study which showed without third-party security products, 15 percent of malware was able to bypass Windows 8’s integrated defenses, even if Windows Defender was active.

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