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Decryption keys for a current version of Cryakl ransomware are now ready to go.

Victims of Cryakl can potentially recover encrypted files with the Rakhni Decryptor available from Kaspersky Lab or the NoMoreRansom site.

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NoMoreRansom is a collaborative public/private project created by Europol, the Dutch National Police, Kaspersky Lab and McAfee in July 2016.

Its mission is to help ransomware victims recover encrypted files through the use of decryptors. Since its launch, other national law enforcement agencies and additional private companies have joined the project. There are now 52 decryption tools available on the site, able to recover files from 84 ransomware families.

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The project now comprises more than 120 partners, including more than 75 private organizations. The Cypriot and Estonian police are the most recent law enforcement agencies to join, while KPN, Telenor and The College of Professionals in Information and Computing (CPIC) have joined as new private sector partners. Europol said the site has enabled more than 35,000 ransomware victims to recover their files without paying a ransom – preventing criminals from profiting from more than $12.4 million.

The Rakhni Decryptor, developed by Kaspersky Lab, could already decrypt older versions of Cryakl, which first appeared in 2015. It could not, however, decrypt the latest version.

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