Teams restored most major desktop services and continue working to bring critical systems back online, including mobile services, said officials at after a ransomware attack caused at least a weeklong outage that affected its sites, including its load board, online carrier safety vetting, and payment services.

The ransomware attack occurred Dec. 20, said. The company first notified users the next day it was “experiencing technical difficulties.”

“We immediately engaged law enforcement and a leading team of security experts to confirm the security of our systems and safety of customer information,” officials said. handles about 500,000 loads per day and has 200,000 active users.

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The New Plymouth, Idaho-based company said there is no evidence that any customer information was compromised, and systems are being continuously monitored for irregular activity. As of Dec. 26 they had major desktop services and were still working to restore other critical systems.

The outage hit at least seven sites owned by The affected services include the app-based load board, factoring, carrier onboarding, RFP tool, real-time freight monitoring, SaferWatch and ShipperMate. Most of the major services are up and running, the company said. did not release figures on the cost of the outage. But many carriers switched to DAT’s load board and other services during the outage, with DAT seeing a “massive spike” in customer queries.

Silicon Valley-based investment fund ICONIQ Capital purchased acquired a majority stake in this past April, valuing it at $1 billion.

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