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Ransomware continues to creep in areas not usually thought of such as 66 percent of police Internet-connected CCTV cameras in Washington DC ended up offline in January just before the presidential inauguration.

There are 187 cameras on the network and 123 ended up taken off line, officials said in a report in the Washington Post. Police use the devices to monitor public spaces.

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The attack targeted 70 percent of the storage systems on which camera data ends up recorded, leaving them out of action from January 12-15.

Police, however, quickly found out how to fix the problem and went to each individual device and removed the software and reinstalled it at each site.

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Archana Vemulapalli, the city’s Chief Technology Officer, said the city paid no ransom.

There were at least two forms of ransomware on the system, although local officials have played down the seriousness of the attack.

The ransomware ended up isolated to the CCTV network and didn’t affect police investigations or place public safety in jeopardy, the report said.

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