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A&B Foundry & Machining Inc. is facing $143,150 in fines after workers suffered exposure to risks of amputation, hearing loss and respiratory damage, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

These are the same hazards OSHA identified at the Franklin, OH, foundry in 2012.

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On June 15, OSHA issued the foundry 12 repeated and two serious violations, and one other-than-serious violation.

“A&B Foundry continues to maintain an environment where employees are exposed to serious noise, dangerous machinery and debilitating respiratory hazards,” said Ken Montgomery, area director of OSHA’s Cincinnati office. “The company needs to re-evaluate its safety and health programs and ensure workers are provided the training and equipment necessary to protect them from injury and illness on the job.”

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OSHA’s follow-up inspection found the employer:
• Allowed a machine to operate without safety guards
• Failed to review procedures to prevent unintentional operation of machinery during service and maintenance periodically for accuracy
• Allowed multiple violations of respiratory protection standards, such as not providing fit testing and medical evaluations for employees
• Did not train workers about noise hazards or evaluate them annually for occupational exposure to noise
• Allowed the use of devices not capable of lifting loads within the rated capacity
• Failed to train employees on hazardous chemicals used in the facility
• Did not require workers to wear required personal protective equipment, including head and face protection
• Allowed the use of damaged personal protective equipment
• Did not close electrical openings and junction boxes as required

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