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An application by Holtec Inc. to construct and operate a consolidated interim storage facility for spent fuel from commercial nuclear power reactors in Lea County, New Mexico, has been “docketed” by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

In docketing the application, the NRC found the application is sufficiently complete for the staff to begin its detailed safety, security and environmental reviews.

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Docketing does not indicate approval of the application.

Holtec submitted its application March 30 last year, and supplemented it in October and December in response to NRC staff questions.

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The goal is for Holtec to store up to 8,680 metric tons of uranium in commercial spent fuel in the Holtec International Storage Module Underground “MAXimum” Capacity (HI-STORM UMAX) Storage System for a 40-year license term.

The NRC staff informed Holtec of its docketing determination in a letter dated Feb. 28.

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