RSA reached a deal to pick up Fortscale, a behavioral analytics solution provider.

Fortscale’s technology is designed to identify threats using a combination of predictive, big data analytics and machine learning.

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It automatically identifies deviations from normal behavior and warns security teams of potential risks, such as shared user credentials, remote access anomalies, and abuse of privileged user accounts.

As a result of the acquisition, RSA wants to provide customers new user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) capabilities through its NetWitness Platform.

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“RSA NetWitness UEBA directly addresses and overcomes obstacles that standalone solutions have encountered due to their high cost and high touch requirements,” said Idan Tendler, chief executive and co-founder of Fortscale. “RSA NetWitness UEBA requires minimal customization and no manual tuning. It is designed to detect unknown threats and to address malicious behavior in which exploits have received elevated permissions.”

Terms of the deal were not immediately available.

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