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The Ruby development team issued an update to the 1.9.3 series of its open source programming language to fix a vulnerability found in the RubyGems package management framework.

The maintenance release of the scripting language, labelled 1.9.3-p194, updates RubyGems to close a security hole that caused SSL server verification to fail for remote repositories.

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The update fixes it by disallowing redirects from https to http connections and by enabling the verification of server SSL certificates in an updated version of RubyGems, 1.8.23; more details on these issues are in the latest RubyGems History file. The developers encourage those who use https source in .gemrc or /etc/gemrc to upgrade as soon as possible.

Further information about the update, including a full list of bug fixes, look at the official release announcement and in the change log. Ruby 1.9.3-p194 is available to download from the project’s site.

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