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ABB won orders worth $35 million to provide complete power systems, drilling drive and propulsion systems for two new deep water drill ships built by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) at its shipyard in South Korea.
Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás and Delba Drilling BV are the customers and they will operate the drilling rigs for Petrobras. The rigs come on line by mid-2012.
ABB will supply complete electrical systems for the drill ships, used for oil and gas exploration drilling. The delivery for each rig includes power generation and the high and low voltage distribution systems, the drilling drive systems, the propulsion drive systems, as well as related engineering services.
This comprehensive solution will help the rigs operate more safely as well as maximize onboard equipment reliability, efficiency and availability, while securing a stable supply of power throughout all rig systems.
ABB can build redundant parallel electrical systems, including generators, electric distribution systems, thruster drives, auxiliary systems and drilling systems. This allows for safe operation of the vessel with a system designed for maximum tolerance to single failures. Connections between each sub-system are kept to a minimum, and as simple as possible, to ease fault analysis, monitoring and repair.

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