Contender Boats Inc. is facing $106,000 in fines for 10 repeat, 11 serious and four other-than-serious safety and health violations at its Homestead, FL, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA initiated the Dec. 16 inspection as part of the agency’s Site Specific Targeting Program.

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As a result of the investigations, OSHA issued the employer 10 repeat, 11 serious and four other-than-serious safety and health violations.

“Contender Boats must ensure worker safety is not an afterthought. There is no excuse for exposing employees to the serious hazards which could result in burns, hearing loss, amputation or even death,” said Condell Eastmond, OSHA’s area director in Ft. Lauderdale. “The company must take all the necessary steps to immediately correct the hazards and foster a safer work environment for all employees.”

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The repeated citations were for allowing forklifts with broken seats to be in operation; failing to perform frequent inspections of cranes to identify defects or excessive wear on operating components; exposing workers to a drill press that was not secured to the floor; using compressed air in excess of 30 pounds per square inch for cleaning; and exposing employees to several electrical hazards.

OSHA cited the company for serious violations for not having safety guards on machinery; lack of stairway railings, which exposed workers to fall hazards; not implementing a hearing conservation program for employees performing boat building operations; and failing to train employees who use hazardous chemicals.

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