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Evraz Inc. NA is facing $103,820 in fines for 11 safety violations at its Pueblo, CO, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Evraz North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evraz plc, one of the largest vertically integrated steel and mining businesses in the world. OSHA investigators inspected Evraz, a steel making facility, Feb. 16 conducted under OSHA’s National Emphasis Program for Amputations.

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As a result, OSHA issued one repeat citation for not making repairs to overhead cranes promptly to ensure safe operations. The employer received a same or similar citation on September 2013 at its facility in Claymont, Delaware.

Additionally, OSHA issued 10 serious citations to Evraz for failing to:
• Provide standard guardrails on open-sided floors and platforms 4 feet or more above a lower level
• Keep portable fire extinguishers in their designated location when not in use
• Provide bumper stops to stop rail cars from potentially rolling in a crosswalk or vehicular traffic
• Fasten fixed ladders securely on overhead cranes
• Ensure to fasten guards on overhead cranes’ moving equipment securely in their designed place
• Properly inspect the operation of overhead cranes
• Inspect overhead cranes periodically
• Ensure a properly sized safety latch on a link chain nest-hook
• Clearly mark the functions on the pendent controller used to operate overhead cranes
• Prohibit use of overhead cranes for side pulls
• Put guards on sprocket wheels and chains

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The agency also identified and cited the Evraz for several electrical violations

“Evraz needs to involve their workers in identifying and correcting hazardous conditions to ensure more effective safety and health management systems,” said David Nelson, OSHA’s Area Director in Englewood, Colorado. “Evraz needs to fix these hazards before someone is injured or worse.”

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