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Clintonville, WI-based FWD/Seagrave Apparatus, is facing $77,000 in fines for three safety violations at its fire truck manufacturing facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA investigators issued the citations after an Aug. 10 inspection where they issued one willful, one serious and one other-than-serious safety violations to the company after responding to several complaints alleging unsafe working conditions.

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The willful violation was for not having guards in place, exposing workers to the operating parts of press brakes.

The serious violation was for exposing employees to fall hazards of about 12 feet from working on top of trucks.

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Investigators also found that potable water was not available at all work sites.

“Fire trucks play an important role in keeping people safe, but the workers manufacturing these trucks were placed in harm’s way because their employer didn’t have safety guards to protect them from moving machine parts,” said Robert Bonack, OSHA’s area director in Appleton. “Thousands of workers suffer lacerations, amputations and fractures each year because they’re injured by operating machinery.”

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