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Safeway Packaging Inc. is facing $69,000 in fines for two repeated and three serious safety violations at its New Breman, OH, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA investigated at the corrugated packaging company after a worker suffered a degloving injury of the left hand. The injury occurred when an air hose the employee was using to clean scrap away from a press, came into contact with a powered conveyor.

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The federal agency cited the company for:
• Failing to train employees before performing electrical work, and in machine safety procedures
• Exposing workers to operating machinery parts during service and maintenance because locking devices were not used
• Not providing electrical personal protective equipment

“Each year, hundreds of workers suffer injury because employers fail to use and train workers on safety procedures,” said Kim Nelson, OSHA’s area director in Toledo. “Safeway Packaging was cited for similar violations in 2012. Employers with repeat violations demonstrate a lack of commitment to employee safety and concern for the well-being of their workers.”

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