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By Gregory Hale
In the grand scheme of things it always ends up being pretty basic: Safety means profitability.

“Integrated safety systems are proven to improve productivity, safety and the bottom line,” said J.B. Titus, president of Titus Associates during his presentation Monday at Rockwell Automation Fair 2011’s Safety Automation Forum in Chicago. “Safety is good business.”

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The safer a manufacturer is that means the system is up and running, which means they are able to make more product, which means the company is able to make more profit. So, not only will everyone be safe, they will also be able to increase profitability.

So, along those lines Rockwell launched Monday its Safety ROI (Return on Investment) Tool which is a web-based program that can help show a return on any safety initiative at the manufacturing plant.

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“We decided we need a new comprehensive ROI Tool that was very flexible,” he said.

Titus pointed out a few facts: There were over 6,000 deaths in the workplace last year; over 50,000 died from illnesses related to the workplace, and 6 million workers will suffer from non life threatening injuries.

Knowing those facts, Rockwell decided it needed an easy to use web-based tool that any company can go to and plug in numbers to find out costs.

“It applies to all industry segments,” Titus said. “It addresses the value proposition of integrated safety solutions.”

While this will not be the end all in terms of getting funding for safety projects, it will help present an argument to the corner office that safety is in fact a potential area that will increase productivity and profitability if run correctly.

“This could be one more arrow in your quiver to help fight for that capital approval.”

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