Trident Seafood Corporation is facing $270,723 in fines after two workers were seriously injured by unguarded machinery, said officials at the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Division (Alaska OSHA).

Inspectors found the company failed to provide machine guarding on augers, conveyors, sprocket wheels, and chains, and did not de-energize and lockout machines before servicing.

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Alaska OSHA issued 14 citations, including three repeat violations, eight serious violations and three other than serious violations.

In one repeat violation, employees ended up exposed to amputation hazards such as pinch points, and point of operation hazards as a result of the employer failure to ensure all machines are de-energized, locked out and tagged out before servicing and/or maintenance of the machine, Alaska OSHA said in its report. On January 10, without de-energizing the machine, an employee had his fingertip amputated when he reached into a conveyor motor compartment.

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Trident Seafoods was previously cited for a violation of this standard in 2018.

In another violation, all sprocket wheels and chains shall be enclosed unless they are more than seven feet above the floor or platform.

Employees are exposed to amputation hazards such as in-going nip points, pinch points, and point of operation hazards as a result of the employer not ensuring that an ice measuring chain and sprocket was guarded.

This was observed during the inspection on January 23 when the Drum Dryer machine had a unprotected chain and sprocket.

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