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As the SCADA market continues to add connectivity into control devices, Wurldtech Security Technologies and Oulu, Finland-based Codenomicon are extending their partnership to the Asia Pacific markets, focusing on China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

The SCADA environment is adding more connectivity, including new telecommunications and mobile capabilities, the need to protect these devices from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) continues to grow.

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Vancouver, Canada-based Wurldtech and Codenomicon extended their partnership to provide Asia Pacific device manufacturers with additional testing tools to increase the robustness of their products.

“As cyber security threats evolve, device manufacturers from around the world are seeking innovative solutions to bolster their development processes,” said Wurldtech Chief Executive Neil McDonnell. “Our partnership with Codenomicon provides Asia Pacific developers with a streamlined channel to Wurldtech products enabling us to continue to build our global presence.”

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Wurldtech named Codenomicon as an authorized distributor for its Achilles test products, including the Achilles Test Platform and Achilles Test Software. Through this partnership, Codenomicon customers will have access to a new set of test tools for SCADA-specific protocols and Wurldtech will extend its reach into the Asia Pacific market.

“The Wurldtech Achilles Test products provide our customer base with an expanded line of process-control security options,” said Codenomicon Chief Executive David Chartier.

Wurldtech and Codenomicon have worked together to provide comprehensive robustness testing tools for mission critical embedded devices. With optional Codenomicon Defensics software running on the Achilles Test Platform, Wurldtech offers users testing of additional IT protocols.

Achilles Test products provide tools to developers of mission critical connected and SCADA devices to test critical software during the early development lifecycle.

By proactively exposing and correcting vulnerabilities and validating system resiliency in a real-time environment, manufacturers are able to secure products before they release and deploy in process control networks.

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