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Schneider Electric unveiled a partnership agreement with cybersecurity provider Cylance.

Schneider Electric Software will work closely with Cylance to enable heightened levels of security for users leveraging an industrial software platform for engineering, planning and operations, asset performance and monitoring and control across their industrial and infrastructure operations.

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As operations grow increasingly digital, the need to provide safeguards against cybersecurity threats becomes critical. Greater investment is needed to maintain the needed level of security to protect assets, processes and safety of operations. This begins with how software is implemented.

Cylance offers AI-powered prevention that blocks malware, fileless attacks and other advanced cyberthreats.

Cyber Security

The agreement involves placing Cylance’s security capabilities within the Industrial Software Platform. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are two technologies driving innovation across industrial and infrastructure operations. These technologies can now be applied to pattern recognition applications to deliver a best-in-class solution for cyber security protection.

“We take security seriously, so we have invested considerable time and effort identifying how to deliver ever increasing security standards for our software solutions,” said Andrew McCloskey, vice president product development at Schneider Electric. “This partnership enables us to stay on the forefront of protection against cyber-attacks, which will then be shared with our partners, to minimize the potential for a security compromise by our customers.”

“Not only can we help drive greater security standards for Schneider Electric customers, but together we can help drive security innovation and prevent cyber-attacks from occurring, rather than reacting to breaches after they’ve already caused damage,” said Daniel Doimo, president and COO at Cylance.

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