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Schneider Electric released Tricon CX version 11.3, the most powerful version of its EcoStruxure Triconex safety instrumented system.

Tricon CX version 11.3 is compliant with the IEC 62443 standard and is certified by TÜV Rheinland for use in safety applications up to Safety Integrity Level 3.

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It is also ISASecure EDSA Level-1 certified, a leading cybersecurity certification for control systems, safety systems and system components.

As the industry’s first dual-certified process safety instrumented system, Tricon CX version 11.3 meets requirements for safety, cybersecurity, risk reduction and continuous operation in the oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals, power and other high-hazard industries.

Cyber Security

“By virtue of its safety and security certifications and its compliance with the industry’s most stringent standards, and because it was designed in accordance with our recognized Security Development Lifecycle process, Tricon CX version 11.3 is secure to the highest degree available,” said Mike Chmilewski, vice president, process safety, Schneider Electric Process Automation.

An integral component of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Plant architecture and platform, the Tricon CX version 11.3 delivers high performance, high capacity and a lifetime of flexibility.

EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. The latest Tricon CX version 11.3 controller enables availability and a lifetime of performance for safety-critical applications, including emergency shutdown, fire and gas, burner management, high integrity pressure protection and critical control.

Integrating the compact design of Tricon CX, which reduces the original Tricon form factor by 50 percent, Tricon CX version 11.3 works in high-hazard and extreme environments where footprint is at a premium. Additionally, the system is scalable so it can meet customer needs. It is capable of handling more than 750,000 physical I/O points. It also leverages the same programming tools as the original Tricon. As a result, current users can protect their existing Tricon investments and expand as needed without disruption to their operations.

Tricon CX version 11.3 helps increase time to value by 25 percent, reduces installation costs by 30 percent and increases productivity by up to five percent.

Tricon CX version 11.3 is also compatible with multiple EcoStruxure Triconex safety systems applications, including:
Safety Validator, which automatically tests, validates and documents EcoStruxure Triconex safety system application logic—saving up to 40 percent of software test hours.
SIF Manager, which tracks and validates Safety Instrumented Function performance over the lifecycle of a plant.
Safety View, a TÜV-certified software application that enhances insight into high-priority alarms for operators, boosting their efficiency and effectiveness in responding to critical situations.
System Auditor, an essential tool for documenting EcoStruxure Triconex safety systems and managing alarms.
Tricon, Trident and Tri-GP high-availability, high-integrity edge controllers.

“With its value-focused features, Triconex CX version 11.3 can reduce our customers’ total cost of ownership by up to eight percent,” said Steve Elliott, senior marketing director, Process Automation Control and Safety offerings, Schneider Electric. “In addition, its triple redundant, high-availability architecture, inherent redundancy management, online module replacement and change/modification capabilities are proven to help process manufacturers increase ROI by 11 percent.

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