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Work crews finished capping the second of two natural gas wells in Greene County that began leaking two weeks ago, Chevron officials said.

“At this time both wells are capped, stopping gas flow from the wells,” said Chevron spokeswoman Lee Ann Wainwright. “These are significant milestones in our response efforts.”

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Freezing and other weather issues delayed the start of work to cap the second well, said state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) spokesman Alan Eichler.

The Chevron well site in Dunkard exploded and caught fire on Feb. 11, killing Ian McKee, 27, a field service technician for Houston-based Cameron International, who was working at the pad when the fire broke out.

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Two of three well heads burned for five days and continued to spew gas after extinguishing themselves. A crew with Wild Well Control in Houston, Texas, capped the first well on Sunday. Wild Well specialists capped the second well about 4 p.m. Tuesday, Wainwright said.

The third well head, which did not appear to have contributed to the fire, will undergo examination, Chevron officials have said.

Chevron has halted work at seven Pennsylvania sites with high-pressure gas wells ready for production, all similar to the one in Greene County. The company plans to inspect each of those wells every three days until DEP officials are satisfied the caps are sound.

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