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Covertix said there is complete email protection within its SmartCipher suite of data-centric security solutions. Messages and attachments end up protected with rules-based classification, ensuring data is secure everywhere it travels, within and external to the organization.

“For many companies, email continues to be a primary collaboration tool for sharing content within the organization and externally. Being able to secure email messages — as well as the associated attachments — is critical to closing potential security gaps,” said Mike Mahon, president and chief executive of Zia Consulting. “With Covertix, users are able to continue working with their existing systems, from Outlook to Gmail, while complete rules-based protection is applied automatically.”

SmartCipher protects sensitive data in motion, in use, and at rest, anywhere and anytime. Email messages – both the content and attachments – now can end up fully controlled by preassigned classification policies.

With the new features, email can end up accessed only by the designated users, devices, location, and/or role. Administrators can change access on the fly, in real time, so if someone’s role changed, separation of duties can end up enforced, even with already opened messages. It is also possible to quickly and securely recall emails, without the accidental recipient being able to view, change or print anything. The addition of email protection does not interfere with “traditional” abilities within email – messages can end up searched, previewed, and authenticated.

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“Security needs to follow the data, no matter its format or location,” says Tzach Kauffman, CTO and founder of Covertix. “Adding email protection secures confidential data via another external delivery channel.”

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