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Sophos released an update to fix the multiple vulnerabilities in its web security appliance that could allow hackers to launch attacks against a targeted company.

The three flaws were in Sophos’ Web Protection Appliance. There are no reports of exploits in the wild.

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On Wednesday, Austria-based security research firm SEC Consult disclosed the vulnerabilities, discovered by Wolfgang Ettlinger. The weaknesses could allow attackers to “get unauthorized access to the [Sophos] appliance and plant backdoors or access configuration files containing credentials for other systems … which can be used in further attacks,” the researchers said.

These systems include Active Directory or FTP servers, according to SEC Consult. In addition, hackers could steal HTTP traffic, which could include passwords and cookies, as well as HTTPS traffic, if the customer has the appliance’s “HTTPS Scanning” feature turned on, the researchers said.

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Enabling “HTTPS Scanning” also can yield another major problem. When a user enables scanning, attackers can compromise private keys used for SSL certificates installed on client endpoints throughout the victim company.

“These certificates will then pass validation on the client machines, enabling various attacks or further targeting clients (e.g. man-in-the-middle, phishing),” according to an SEC Consult alert.

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