The Cyber Ready Workforce Act bill would instruct the Department of Labor to help start up a cybersecurity apprenticeship grant program.

As detailed by the bipartisan bill, introduced by Congresswoman Jacklyn Sheryl Rosen, signed by Democrat and Republican representatives, the cybersecurity apprenticeship program would allow workforce intermediaries to provide grant participants with workplace training, technical instruction, as well as certifications when needed.

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“I’m committed to ensuring that businesses and government have the skilled people and critical tools they need to enhance our nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure, help industry thrive, and strengthen our national security,” Rosen said.

CompTIA Network +, A+ Hardware, A+ Software, and Security+, Microsoft Windows 10 Technician, Certified System Administrator, Certified Network Defender, and Certified Ethical Hacker, are some of the industry-recognized certifications program members will receive, according to the bill.

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The legislation proposal comes as a direct result of the lack of specialists in cybersecurity industry, with more than 300,000 openings available on the job market in the United States.

The bill is designed to allow the government to fill the lack of cybersecurity experts using the new grant program to be implemented once the bill is signed by the POTUS.

The cybersecurity apprenticeship program is supposed to be the starting point for new “computer support specialists, cybersecurity support technicians, computer programmers, computer systems analysts, or security specialists.”

The newly unveiled cybersecurity apprenticeship legislation comes right after the House Committee on Homeland Security advanced a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bug bounty pilot program bill and an amendment to a proposal designed to establish a DHS vulnerability disclosure policy.

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