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With more and more information coming out about the Stuxnet worm, industrial security companies are not sitting around waiting to see what happens next.
Instead, they are getting activated and informing the industry what they can do to prevent this attack from hitting them and then, in the future, how they can avoid any unpleasant worm from infiltrating their system.
Eric Byres, chief technology officer at Byres Security Inc. revised a white paper on the malware.
“With announcement on Tuesday of the Microsoft patch for the Stuxnet vulnerability, we have updated our recommendations for addressing this critical SCADA-focused software worm,” he said. The revised white paper, entitled “Siemens PCS7 WinCC Malware” is available for download by all members now.
If you are not a member, you can become one by signing up. There is no charge.
In addition Byres started a blog called Practical SCADA Security. The intent is to provide clear and simple guidance when situations like Stuxnet occur.
In addition, Industrial Defender will conduct its second Stuxnet-related webinar entitled, “Stuxnet Worm: Part 2 – What it means for the future of automation system security.”
The webinar will take place August 19 from 11 to noon eastern time and Walt Sikora, vice president of Security Solutions at Industrial Defender will host. To sign up, click here.
Siemens may have been the first target, but more intrusion attempts will likely occur soon, targeting other control system types, and putting industrial safety, productivity and profits at risk, Sikora said. Effective defensive measures against malware are critical.
Topics of the webinar are:
• What does Stuxnet imply for the future of control system security?
• What comprises an effective, coherent defense against this type of threat and the unknown threats that are sure to follow in its wake?
• How can an integrated defense-in-depth approach provide peace of mind defense and protect your company’s bottom line?
In addition, there will be a real-time demonstration showing how Host Intrusion Prevention System prevents unwanted malware intrusion.

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