By Gregory Hale
Now that security has the attention of the leadership like the C-suite and the board, now it has to learn how to communicate.

“If we communicate well to the board you might get more budget. If you communicate poorly you might get fired,” said Jeff Moss, founder of the Black Hat security conference during his short talk in advance of the keynote address Wednesday at the Black Hat USA 2019 in Las Vegas.

“How do you communicate how the Internet is, and what is cyber, and what is security? The language we use leads us to a certain way,” Moss said.

These days Moss said the military calls cyber the fifth domain, but he said that does not mean it is equal to the other domains (The military domains are Land, Sea, Air, Space, and Information). “We are using language in a way that just doesn’t just fit. We are still in the early Internet days, compared to other domains.”

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In a note to get back to basics, Moss talked about the idea of yes, there are technologies out there ready to go, but people have to understand what it is they are doing and then be able to convey that message to ensure everyone is on the same page and stay informed about issues throughout the enterprise.

After all, everyone works for the same company and should be working together to achieve the same goal.

“Most of our problems are communications problems,” he said. “They are totally fixable communications problems. We can fix communications problems, we are not re-ordering math. There is a little bit of a soft skill here that leads to better technical solutions.”

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