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Sometimes red tape just gets in the way, so for IT professionals personal email accounts are one of the main conduits to bypass corporate controls and send sensitive or confidential information, according to a new survey.
The survey found 40 percent of IT pros use their personal accounts to hide their file transfers, according to the report by Ipswitch for the InfoSecurity Europe conference. Nearly 70 percent of the respondents said they send classified information on payroll, customers, and financials via unsecured email at least once a month, and 34 percent do so daily. No one is saying there were illegal activities involved, but rather they were looking for convenience and speed of transfer, Ipswitch officials said.
“Regardless of the motive, employees that send confidential files via unsecured e-mail are putting their organizations at risk for a breach. Personal email relinquishes security, auditability, and compliance,” said L. Frank Kenney, vice president of global strategy for Ipswitch.
More than 40 percent said they use their personal USBs and DVDs to back up work files monthly. And 70 percent access files weekly from their employers via mobile devices, Webmail, and remote connections.
“Personal devices are far too easily lost or stolen,” Kenney said. “They do provide a simple means of backing up and sharing information, but using them to transfer sensitive data will cause major problems internally and externally if they are misplaced.”
Meanwhile, 62 percent said they have file-sharing policies in their organizations, but 72 percent said they don’t have the ability to see files moving inside and outside the organization. “At the heart of the problem is visibility, or lack thereof,” Kenney said.
For video on the report, click here for a video on the Ipswitch report.

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