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Network assessment and protection provider, SecurityMatters, released its SilentDefense ICS Patrol.

SilentDefense ICS Patrol deploys optionally in tandem with SecurityMatters’ SilentDefense to provide increased asset visibility and operational compliance oversight for IT and OT.

With SecurityMatters ICS Patrol, the user gains a level of access to the real-time operating status of their environment that was impossible to achieve using a passive solution alone. Carefully driven by the SilentDefense advanced passive monitoring capabilities, this added level of visibility is achieved without any risk to the more delicate assets of the ICS network.

ICS Patrol is an extension of SecurityMatters’ platform enabling not only increased visibility, but also advanced proactive capabilities, like threat hunting and compliance testing.

Cyber Security

“We can now offer the customer complete visibility without the risk of impacting operations, regardless of the deployment scenario,” said Damiano Bolzoni, SecurityMatters co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“For a long time, OT security operators have had blind spots in their operation that a completely passive solution couldn’t satisfy,” said Luca Barba, SecurityMatters product marketing manager. “Additionally, the challenges of managing the rigors of a constantly evolving compliance environment is both time-consuming and costly for them. With ICS Patrol we’re able to provide customers with one solution that is dually capable of achieving the highest level of operational and threat intelligence, while also aiding compliance with NERC CIP, NIST CSF, IEC 62443 and more.”

As a separate and optional product, ICS Patrol extends the capabilities of SilentDefense to securely, selectively and actively query specific hosts on the ICS network. ICS Patrol includes Selective Scanning, a technique that uses targeted, non-intrusive network communications to better identify and dissect asset information, files, vulnerabilities, compliance violations and threats.

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