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SecurityMatters enhanced its OT network monitoring and intelligence platform, SilentDefense.

This release, which the company unveiled at the SANS ICS Summit 2018 in Orlando, FL, is focused on simpler, more effective enterprise integration and an enriched number of ICS protocols and vendors, enabling industrial asset owners to protect all types of industrial systems from rapidly growing cyber risks.

Critical infrastructure and manufacturing organizations, data centers, healthcare institutions, airports, building automation system operators and other strategic industries are growing accustomed to the power of IT technologies and increased connectivity. Despite the benefits brought by networking and IT/OT convergence, several risks have arisen, including the exposition of legacy systems with limited security mechanisms, the difficult relationship between different technologies and the increasing complexity and criticality of the managed processes. 

“ICS network monitoring is not only about detecting cyber-attacks. We need to broaden our view,” said Luca Barba, head of product marketing. “Asset owners should be able to quickly identify and recover from any threat to operational continuity, whether its source is a nation state or the malfunction of a critical device. That’s the real meaning of cyber resilience. In fact, experience shows that more than 90 percent of cyber threats originate inside an industrial environment. Our platform goes beyond cyber security. It supports both IT and OT teams and provides value at every organizational level.”

Cyber Security

SilentDefense (Version 3.12) builds on its threat detection and asset inventory capabilities to achieve ease of use and seamless integration into the asset owner’s risk management and operational processes.

It also offers enhanced coverage of multi-model recognition of threats, suspect behaviors and ICS specific vulnerabilities.

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