Workers continued to skim oil off the Gulf of Mexico after 88,200 gallons of oil released from a Shell flow line about 90 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

The oil should not reach the shoreline, Shell said. The company added the sheen is moving in a western direction. The company also said the spill has not caused fishing grounds to close.

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The U.S. Coast Guard said the spill has not injured wildlife. The agency said five skimmers had recovered about 51,000 gallons of oily water as of Sunday.

The oil leaked Thursday from a flow line at Shell’s operations in the Glider Field of the Green Canyon. The company said plans on how to remove the flow line are under development.

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The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the agency that oversees offshore drilling, is investigating what caused the leak.

Shell said BSEE has approved the company’s plans to resume production at its Brutus platform using direct vertical access wells.

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