After a leak of one gallon of oil in Terrebonne Bay, Royal Dutch Shell Plc shut a 170,000-barrel-a-day pipeline that moves Gulf of Mexico crude to Houma, LA.

Shell shut the 16-inch (41-centimeter) pipeline, which starts on Caillou Island, at 5 p.m. March 23 after workers observed a light oil sheen near a pump station, said Kim Windon, a Houston-based spokeswoman for Shell.

Less than a gallon of crude released based in initial information, she said.

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Shell plans to inspect and repair the pipeline as soon as possible, weather permitting, and is investigating the cause of the leak, Windon said.

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The Caillou-to-Houma pipeline connects with a 20-inch pipeline that brings crude from producers in Eugene Island, Ship Shoal, Green Canyon and other Gulf formations to Caillou Island.

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